As close siblings we have always been keen foodies and our families eat together all the time. There is always some healthy rivalry over who makes the best dish of the evening. When Rob was told that sugar was off the menu due to insulin deficiency we started to experiment with alternative sugar free bakes so that Rob could have a treat. Denise loves to bake and we began to notice that friends and family who tried the bakes she made especially for Robert were very enthusiastic about them. They even said they would love to find this kinds of choices in the shops and coffee houses when they fancied a treat. So we decided to try it out and PURE Treats was launched, initially as 250KAL. Food has always been a big deal in our family with excellent home bakers on both sides. This was our chance to see if we could continue the tradition.

We all know that cutting down on sugar is good for us and the PURE range offers a treat, with up to 40% less calories and 90% less sugar that tastes every bit as good as their full-sugar, high calorie equivalents. All our products are perfectly proportioned in individual 65g servings with less than half a teaspoon of sugar per cake. A better choice that looks and tastes like the treat you are after. Even though we make hundreds of cakes we keep the same methods and values that our Mum and Nana used, so that you get that great home baked taste with a fraction of the sugar and calories.